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BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.


Comics Barcamp Belfast is the first comics barcamp in the UK and Ireland. It is hoped will pool the knowledge and share it amongst comics creators and other people with an interest in the industry North and South of Ireland. One aim is to see a follow-up event in the South next year.


WhatIsComicsBarcamp      Planning and Schedule      Register for the event      Sponsors

         All Files and Images


Event details


When: Thursday 1st September, from 8:30pm-midnight (Social and Planning Meet)

Where: The Cloth Ear, next to the Merchant Hotel, Waring Street, Belfast

When: Friday 2nd September, from 6-11pm (Social and Planning Meet) 

Where: Open House, Castlereagh Rd, Belfast. Contact Andy Luke for details


When:     Saturday 3rd September, 9am-6pm 

Where:   Blick Studios, 51 Malone Road, Belfast

Cost:     Barcamp is FREE


Bring:     A laptop if you have one, a portfolio if you like, notes for sessions, an open and facilitating mind


Aims:          Growth and Development of Northern and Southern Irish comics arts and publications

               Tooling creators with access to peer business knowledge pool

               Cross-border initiatives (incl. Southern Ireland Barcamp next year)

               An open platform for creatives to discuss and solve problems on ANYTHING


How to get to the venue - Location, Directions and Parking


View this handy guide at Blick's website - A must for out-of-town drivers to allay parking-panic. 


You may like to purchase a Translink Metro Bus day ticket, which will cost you £2.90 and allow for travel on all city buses during the day. These can be bought from the driver.


Also, keep a look out for the bar venues The Bot (with the Welly/Wellington Park Hotel next door), and The Eglantine, on either side of the road..


Where to stay?

We'll put up a link of affordable venues in the city. Alternatively, you may be able to get crash space. See the registration page.


How do I sell my comics at barcamp?

No one's talked about that yet. The first rule of Barcamp is to talk about Barcamp.


Brought to you by: 



Blick Studios are supplying us with all our tech needs on the site and with streaming wi-fi, tea, coffee and are giving us discount venue costs.

Matt McElroy and DriveThruComics.com are contributing towards most of our remaining venue costs.


Roger Sabin, Debbie McCormack (Don't Panic!) and Sean Duffield (Paper Tiger Comix) have helped secure the venue and supplied funding for paper, pens, catering and reproduction.


The wonderful Barcamp logo was designed by Deirdre de Barra and you can view this in alternate forms in the Files index.



Breakfast 7.00 (Shopped by Jen) 
Lunch  10.00 (Prepared by Richard and Aofie) 
Lunch & Breakfast 5.00 (Shopped by Andy)
Drinks, Stationery, Catering euipment, Miscellaneous  17.00 (Shopped by Andy)
Presentation costs - big screen, laptop Supplied by Blick
Blick Studios Rent 75.00 (75.00 Reduction provided by Blick)
Copying and Printing  02.50 (Reduction provided by Reads) 
Indiegogo Admin Costs 23.00 
Total  139.50 



Blick Studios Venue reduction, tech provided
Matt McElroy / Drive Thru Comics  50.00 
Sean Duffield / Paper Tiger Comics 5.00 
Roger Sabin  50.00 
Debbie McCormack / Don't Panic Comics 20.00 
Andy Luke  15.00 
Total  140.00 




WhatIsComicsBarcamp       Planning        Sponsors      Registration 


Task List

(Cross off when done)

Erasers 5-10  

Paper (Pads for pre-registering, scrap for others)




Polystyrene Cups (50 only required)

Breakfast - NutriGrain bars,Capri Sun (To be £ shopped), Bread

Lunch - Spicy Soup (supplied by Richard and Aoife), Bread (Reduced to clear?)


Plastic Cutlery?

Paper Scroll

Coffee/Tea _ Supplied by Blick

Milk & Sugar - as backup

Snacks - Cheddars/Crisps & Sweets (To be £ shopped)

Paper Pads (limit 20 for pre-registering attendees first)

Stickers and Sharpies - for self namebadging

Index Cards? / Post-its - for sessions on grid


Participant wrangling

Checking emails 


Updating THIS WIKI

Moderating google group (enabling) 


Setting up audio and video streams on-site on the day 

Venue posters (printed, to be assembled)

OpenGrid and Inspire posters (to be assembled, hand-drawn)


Confirmed Participants




Contact details


ICN posts     http://www.irishcomicnews.com/tag/bar-camp/

ICN Forum http://www.irishcomicnews.com/forum/?vasthtmlaction=viewtopic&t=15.0 

Google group  http://groups.google.com/group/comicsbarcampbelfast

Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=118887031543321

Indiegogo Fundraiser http://Indiegogo.com/Comics-Barcamp-Belfast-2011


Emails drewluke@[ihatespam]gmail.com



or any of the planners.


Twitter: @comicscampBLFST





Please use the tag #comicscamp for content related to this event 

for twitter, flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc



Who's blogging?


Life, Madness, Science and Art (31st August)


What is Comics Barcamp? A Gain - Alltern8.com (30th August)


Barcamp in Text, Image, Sound - ICN (29th August)


Alex Fitch''s radio slot adapted with images - YouTube (29th August)


Don't Panic Comics and Paper Tiger join sponsors - ICN (28th August)


Broken Frontier: Belfast Comics Barcamp 2011 in a nutshell by Andy Oliver (27th August)


Roger Sabin sponsorship, and Gar Shanley recruits for market co-op - ICN (26th August)


Panel Borders on London's Resonance FM with Alex Fitch and accompanying blog entry (25th August)


Forbidden Planet International Weblog announcing DriveThruComics.com sponsorship deal. (23rd August)


Following The Nerd - Marc Savage interviews Andy Luke (13mins) Sunshine FM, Banbridge Radio (18th August)


Bugpowder.com (15th August)


Belfast Comics - Paddy Brown (21st July)


DownTheTubes: Comics Bar Camp Announced - John Freeman with quotes from Sean Duffield and Andy Luke (29th July)


Gar Shanley and Andy Luke on IrishComicNews.com (June to present)


Matt Badham and Andy Luke on WikiWorldBook.com (2008)


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